A pineapple post

Our internet connection has been spotty today.  Luckily The Mr is home now so I need not fear an interruption in my posting schedule due to technical issues.

Technical issues did interrupt the kids’ daily dose of power rangers this afternoon.  Half way through, so probably about the time the rangers were meeting the monster face to face fort the first time, before they retreat to regroup for the battle royale with the zords and the giant monster, netflix shut down. My poor children distraught not knowing how it ends.

I got a new nail polish.  Essie’s “No Place Like Chrome” It goes on nice and opaque.  This is a good thing but it will take some practice to get a smooth finish.  I always have trouble with pale opaques.

I put it on my fingers this time because my toes were already in good shape.  I think I’ll save it for toes in the future though.  It doesn’t compliment my skin tone well enough to wear on my hands.

Like women everywhere, I have a love hate relationship with fingernail polish.  I love it for the first day and then it inevitably gets flawed and I hate it until I spend the three minutes to take it off. Someday I’ll try a shellac manicure.

Today in the car Duke answered the Beatles with a “hello” of his own every time they said “hello, hello”  He never got sick of it, just kept shouting out those hellos for the duration of the song.  Maybe I should have turned it on repeat to test his limit.

I guess this was a very tiny can of pineapple because those are all the tidbits I’ve got at the moment.


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