Hot to trot

My run this morning was killer. It started out good but the back stretch nearly did me in.  My feet were burning through the soles of my vibrams, the heat was pressing in on all sides and it was all I could do to sustain my slow sloppy jog through the last minutes of my prescribed training time.

Once I finally made it home I had to get my sweaty babies out of the stroller and carry/usher them into the house.  I didn’t think I’d make it, but I did.  The burst of cool air when I opened the door was one of the most welcome experiences in memory.

Five minutes later, after cooling down some I let the dog in.  The effort required to open the perfectly functional patio door was enough to spike my heart rate afresh.

My theory on why I was so beaten down today is heat.  I guessed that today was dramatically hotter than days past.  I just now tested that theory.  Monday’s high was 111 today’s was 116. I’ll be honest.  I was looking for a bigger margin between the two days.  I’d feel better about being so thrashed today if the gap was bigger.  

Then again, today’s run was a bit more strenuous than the course we ran Monday.

Ok, I just looked up the temps on the last day we ran the same course as today.  That day’s high was only 104.  I’m feeling better already.

By the way, I run in the mornings well before the day achieves its high temperature.  Not that it’s pleasant even then but I most certainly wasn’t out in 116. 


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