November is off the hook

I’ve had a little rivalry going on with the month of November these last few years.  Some years I’ve won, other years November has almost beat me.  Today I’m writing to tell November that it’s off. There will be no struggle to settle the score in 2012.  This year I’m eschewing the official” Mo” of “NaBloPo” and having my daily post fest all by my lonesome right now.
That’s right folks.  Starting today, August the fifth I will post daily for 30 days or lose the right to call myself “blogger” (if I haven’t lost it already)
Now, what this post needs to wrap things up is an anecdote from my life.  Sadly I’m a little rusty what with my extended blog neglect and all.  I can’t currently come up with a single anecdote. Here’s hoping I can get my writing legs back under me soon otherwise this will be a long month for all of us.  


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