The pictures I want to take

Have you read Artemis Fowl?  I was just asking because I really want an iris cam.  It frustrates me to no end that I can’t take photos from the perspective on my actual eyeballs.  I don’t want a picture of what someone else a few inches away would see when they look at what I’m seeing, I want a picture of what I’m actually taking in through my retinas.
When my Duke dips the ball he’s playing with into the pool and then sandwiches it between our two foreheads so he can watch close as the water drip drip drips off the underside, a camera held in my hand is useless.  The vantage from any point other than my own eyes will miss the interest, excitement and glee that play across if face as he experiments and learns about how drips work.  Not to mention the perfect glow reflecting from the surface of the water while shaded by the dripping subject above.  That light won’t exist anywhere but under the ball where there’s no room for anything but our two faces.
Say I’m snuggling one of my babies and I look down at the sweet face propped against my shoulder. or in the crook of my arm and see something there that I absolutely must remember for ever. Somehow a camera never fits into the space allowed to capture the slope of a cheek or shadow of an eyelash that I want to save.   In this circumstance I’ve tried moving my head and positioning the lens in as close to the position my eyeballs previously held as possible but it never works.  I’ve taken some ok pictures that way but I’ve never caught what I was after.
I guess there’s nothing to do but keep trying, record those images in my brain, and wait for humans to catch up to fairy technology.


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