For my birthday (it was yesterday) I’m getting pictures printed to fill the gaps in my collage wall. I need to pick a photo of baby Enzo but I can’t decide. Please everyone tell me tell me your opinion of which photo I should pick and then I’ll go ahead and do whatever I want regardless of your suggestions.

I suppose regardless isn’t exactly the word I’m looking for. I’m hoping hearing other opinions will awaken a preference within myself. Like when you’re choosing between nail polish or ice cream flavors and you do eenie meanie miney mo but then pick the losing thing because it’s losing made you realize you were rooting for it. So I’ll certainly regard all the advice I’m given I just don’t promise to abide by it.

11 Responses to decisions

  1. I love the power of his eyes in the first one, and I love the happy play in the second. The third is precious too but the edges of you in the back ground is a bit distracting for a big wall hanging.

  2. The first… he is looking square at the camera and he just looks so like himself there. That's the picture his fiance will see and just know it is him…because he still looks like that… only bigger


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