He’s a stand-up guy! (10 months)

Since he’s just 5 days away from 11 months I decided it was time to write a little something about 10 months.

At ten months he pulls to stand and then lets go. He’s a very confident stander anymore.

At ten months his little body remembered how to gain weight. Almost a full pound in five weeks or so between his 9 month check-up and a repeat visit to be weighed. That was a lucky thing as there were threats of blood tests on the horizon if he continued to remain runty.

At ten months he continues to be a sweet and happy sunshine of a boy. He cuddles his siblings, he calls out a joyous greeting when he hears his pop come home from work. He will not stay put and play in the other room while I’m in the kitchen. Happiness, it seems, is thrusting your face into the sliver of space between your mama’s legs and the kitchen cabinet while she’s fixing your dinner. Yes, with the exception of one nasty diaper rash, ten months has been a good time for our Duke.


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