We had a full day today. By the time bed time rolled around no one was showing it more than Enzo.  He and I went into the bathroom at the same time.  I was going to get Moo out of the bath and he was going to brush his teeth.  “I want you to help me so I can brush them really fast,” he said.  “If it’s fast you want, you’ll have to do it yourself, I’m busy with Moo” I told him.

I got her scrubbed, out of the tub and was combing her hair and he was still standing at the sink waiting for the help I’d told him wasn’t coming.

“MOM, brush my TEETH!” he insisted.  I told him again, he’d have to brush them himself.  Then he said something like “I’m WAITING,”  I stopped mid-comb looked him in the face and  responded  “I. am not. Doing it.” At which point he thrust his loaded toothbrush at me and shook it until the toothpaste flew off and landed with a “glop” on the step stool.

He was dismissed for bed immediately.

From down the hall he could be heard to howl “I’m going to get HOLES in my teeth!”  and “I’m scared of something!”

The Mr. went in, spoke a few reassuring words and said goodnight.

After a few more minutes Enz calmed down.

After a few more minutes still he came creeping out of his room and stood quietly until he had our attention.

“I’M DUNNA DIE!”  He moaned once all eyes were resting upon him.

I looked at my forlorn boy.  Trying desperately not to laugh at his dramatics.  He ran across the floor to his father and let it flow again “I’m dunna die,” quieter this time.

A few more reassurances, “No son, failure to brush your teeth for one night will not result in your untimely end,” and he was tucked back in where he belonged.

I hope he sleeps well.    

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