Vests for boys

Enzo’s choice of attire for church today reminded me of a post I never wrote. So I’m writing it now.

 I thrifted this striped sweater one Saturday in early December and promised Enzo to make it his size. The next day he had a major problem with my not letting him wear it to church as it was. After all, I bought it for him.


When the day came for me to size it down I broached the topic of sweater vests. Duke could have one to match him, I said, if we made it a vest. There wouldn’t be enough material for matching boys if he wanted a full out sweater. He agreed and I made vests.

Two months later I finally remembered to take their picture. A month after that I finally remembered to post it.


I also made a pair of baby pants out of the sweater’s sleeves. I love those pants. They look so cute with so many of Duke’s t-shirts. Unfortunately the sleeves of a men’s size small sweater aren’t quite wide enough to account for the extra pouf of a cloth diaper. Sure, sure, I could add a gusset and make it work but I’d have to find a big enough sweater scrap and match stripes and I’ve just never gotten around to it. Plus, now it’s a little late in the year for sweater pants so I guess that’s that.

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