At the park

It’s spring break in these parts. Two school free weeks. Ten week days in which I must endeavor to keep Zizza occupied or risk the loss of my sanity. Mid-day yesterday, the first school free day, she was heard to moan “This is my spring break,” in a forlorn and disbelieving voice.


We planned to go on a picnic last night but a sick baby kept us home and snuggling. Tonight without any such pooper for our party we betook ourselves to the park.


We are lucky to have a park with swings near by. When I was expecting Ziz and attempting to walk myself into labor we searched high and low before finding a park with swings. I’d heard that swinging would surely bring contractions and I was anxious to give it a try. I never imagined how difficult it would be to locate a dang swing set.


Enzo was only interested in the baby swings and couldn’t seem to stop dragging his feet. He begged to be pushed higher and higher but never could maintain any speed after the first push with his toes dragging through the wood chips. (By the way I hate wood chips I think they’re the lamest playground lining substance I’ve ever encountered) He reminded me of a frog mid-jump with his bare little, straight little legs sticking out the leg holes of the baby swing.  None of my pictures do the frog legs justice.


Somebody was still feeling a little less than himself.


While holding his cuddliness on my hip I did my best to aim my lens at his face and got a few lucky shots.


We all tried to interest him in playing but he just couldn’t muster a full smile, poor baby.


It’s a sad truth that until one learns to pump, one will never get their fill of swinging. Unless they don’t like swinging. In that case any swinging would be too much.  Anyway, we were all done pushing but Moo didn’t want to leave the swing. There was no one waiting so I let her sit there until she got tired of it.

 It took a while.

She look sick of it in that picture wouldn’t you say?  I thought so, but she lasted a good five minutes longer.

Do you have swings at your park?

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