5 years of Enzo

One, two, three, four and now five.

Last year I joked about his sleep looking older. This year I think it’s really true. Also, in case you wondered, he doesn’t smell like a baby any more. I’d been wondering to myself about that. I don’t get the chance to snuggle him in his bed these days. He is the sleepyhead-est of my four so they are all up and filling my time when he eventually blinks his eyes open and wanders down to find me.

One morning (I’m not sure how I managed it) I finageled my way into his room to burrow under the covers with him just so I could check.


 That’s all I smelled.


 It was a sad moment. Another difference about five? Leaving the particulars of the day up to a five year old Enzo is a lot more like filling demands and a lot less like granting wishes. In other words “not as fun.”

He had fun though, and that’s what counts since it was his birthday.

 His first cake request was “blue chocolate cake,” I’ve seen cakes called “blue velvet” here and there on pinterest but I’ve always scorned them. The whole point of red velvet cake is that the tint of the dutch process cocoa gives the red food coloring a head start. I’m not aware of any kind of chocolate that would start things in the direction of blue. What flavor is a blue velvet cake anyway? Maybe I should seek out a recipe and find out. But that doesn’t matter now because further questioning showed that what Enz meant was regular brown chocolate cake with blue icing. This is an entirely different, and more do-able story.  I was thinking of making the cake lego shaped but when I showed him the picture he caught site of a dinosaur cake and decided he wanted that. So, using the color guidelines he gave me, I made this

Then with the left over frosting in my piping bag I did this.

And later we did this.

Sadly I’d forgotten to buy birthday candles and there was only one in the house. He didn’t mind. He was happy with one candle, and a dinosaur cake and his sisters and cousins (plus mama, pop, aunt, uncle and baby brother) all singing to him. Even in light of his five year old demands, he’s still a sweet and tender boy.

I’m one lucky mama.  


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