A cautionary lunch time tale

Lunch is a joy when there are yummy leftovers waiting in the fridge.  For example today there was fresh roasted tomato soup.  Man, I love that stuff.

As I’m sure you know, tomato soup can’t possibly live up to it’s potential without a grilled cheese sandwich by it’s side. With this truth in my heart I set out to assemble my soup’s accompaniment. I popped the sandwich into a hot pan on the stove top and moved on to another task while the heat worked it’s magic.  That one task turned into another and another and by the time I remembered my little sandwich it’s underside was as black as night.

Such a sad story.

Some time later, the exhaust fan and an open window, between them had cleared the burn from the air and  Zizza arrived home from school.  What do you think she wanted for lunch?

I started her sandwich, nestled it the pan at a carefully modified temperature and then I moved on to another task…

I am done with multitasking. it sounds like such a good idea, but clearly it leads to nothing but putrid crumbles where delectable melting crispness should be.

I think I need some time to heal.    


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