A few weeks ago I was inundated with references to Downton Abbey.  They came from every side.  Bloggers, friends, siblings, television shows.  From what I could gather I was the only person in the world not watching.  So I let the peer pressure take me.  I put Downton on my Netflix instant play list and within about a week I was all caught up.

If you haven’t been watching, please know I recommend it. Also, if you haven’t watched you should know for context in this post; it’s set during WWI
Lately I’ve been reading the “Children Of the Promise” series by Dean Hughes.  These books tell the story of one (fictitious)  Mormon family’s journey through WWII. 
Thursday afternoon I found myself humming “Where have all the flowers gone,” I made it through a whole verse before I realized.  I hadn’t thought of that song in years. I’d guess it’s been upwards of a decade.
Conclusion-  I am amazed by the subconscious mind. 

One Response to War


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