Thanks, Ziz for the blog post

Zizza is learning about birds this quarter.  Today she brought home an essay she wrote on the topic.  Here it is for you to enjoy.

Tiny Bird
 By Zizza Earl
I am a tiny peger (peregrine) falcen in a warm soft egg.  I love my egg it’s cozy inside. 
Hay, I hatched now I’m a cute littel fluff ball. I have fetheres but I can’t fly yet. I don’t have the right cinned of fethers. I can flap my wings but I won’t go any where.
My mom just flew away to get food I love pigens I hope she cachis one! She cot one time for dinner! Mmm this pigen is yummy.
Time for bed I tuk my head under my wing nighty night. It’s morning mom cot another pigen mmmm this one is good to.
ot-ow the wind blew aur nest. Owell time to rea bild.  Bey
I added a few periods and capitals but everything else is as she wrote it.  They’ve been working on contractions  this week. I didn’t add a single apostrophe.  I’m high fiving her in my head right now. 


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