Snow ball

Say you’re seven years old and you’re having “snowman day” at school. What do you wear?

A snowball skirt of course!

The night before snowman day I was struck with the necessity of such a skirt. I had a crinkly eyelet button down blouse in my refashion pile courtesy of my mother-in-law which proved to be just the thing I needed.

 I cut off the top just below the sleeves and straightened out the shirt-tail hem. With the resulting tube of fabric and some white knit from my stash I fashioned a bubble skirt. Then I unbuttoned the still functioning shirt buttons and stuffed it with poly-fill.

When she first put it on it was just as plump at the top as the bottom. Unfortunately, there’s such a thing as gravity which has the audacity to apply it’s force to novelty clothing items just as strongly as anything else.


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