Are you noticing a theme?  Yesterday we discussed the baby’s ill-health, today I’m ’bout to tell you about mine.

I have an aunt who can’t yell.

Well, she sort of can.

I mean, she tries but her voice cracks every time she raises it.  If an announcement needs to be made at a family gathering; she is not the one to make it.

Today I sound just like her.  Enzo, Duke and I went shopping while Moo was at dance class.  Enz could barely hear me  above the din of the grocery store and the louder I tried to talk the worse it got.  I have new sympathy for my aunt.  How frustrating not to be able to yell at you kids. (Though I think her’s learned to respond to croaking)

I keep laying my cold fingers against my neck hoping that their chill will somehow soothe the raw soreness of my throat.  It actually sort of works, though not as well as if I could figure out a way to apply a cold compress from the inside out. (I just figured it out. Ice cream. But did I buy any? No)

Between the essential oils I’m using and the raw garlic I just swallowed I pretty much smell like a pizza.  Maybe I should invent a tomato based poultice to smear on my chest just to round out the similarity.  One thing science’s pharmacy has on natures, it’s much less…pungent.

Aaaand, I’m out.

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