It’s always pajamas

Whenever the topic of Christmas traditions came up in gatherings during my child hood there was always someone who’d raise their hand and say “We get to open one present on Christmas eve and it’s always pajamas,”

This is a fairly wide spread tradition so you may assume I mean one kid or another in any given situation was bound to mention it.

 I don’t. I mean one specific girl raised her hand and said it every time. I don’t know how she managed to be there to make the comment every time it warranted making. She wasn’t even in my grade at school so you wouldn’t think she’d be there to answer every time but some how. She was.

I haven’t jumped on the Christmas Pajama bandwagon previous to this. Sure, a few years ago I happened upon matching footie pajamas for dirt cheap at The Children’s Place Outlet in sizes to fit the 3 kids I had at the time and went with it, but that was more a halfhearted hop in the direction of the bandwagon than a jump.

 Anyway, in October when we visited the Mr’s grandma I relieved her of some various yardages of fabric among which was a high volume of red cat patterned flannel. The three kids with the vocabulary to express it pledged love to the red cat patterned flannel so I told them I’d make matching pajamas for Christmas.

Does this count as jumping on the bandwagon? I didn’t wrap them or anything. I just made them and allowed them to be worn for the first time on Christmas Eve. If it counts as a jump, I’m ok with that. I just want to know where I stand in relation to the bandwagon. you know, for safety reasons.

Here they are on Christmas morning in their matching sleepwear. What’s wrong with Enzo you ask? Why does the boy stare tearfully at his empty hands?

He wanted to be the one to hold Duke for the picture.

So then of course this had to happen.

Will I do the matching jammie thing again? I dunno. Maybe. It is kind of fun seeing the set of them all lined up. I think it will largely depend upon whether the appropriate fabric falls into my lap again in the future.

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