It’s a fact.  The longer I wait between posts the harder it is to jump back on the wagon.  Today, right now is the first time I’ve even turned on my computer in well over a week which is nice, but also leaves me feeling terribly behind.  I keep sifting through the post fragments in my brain and feeling pressure to write them all RIGHT NOW which leaves me terribly discouraged, also guilty because they’re not written and if they’re not written they’ll fade and die and then what will my children have to look back on?  I already lost all the photos of the past how long was it? If I don’t write anything now I may as well erase the rest of the year as well.

I posted every day of November.  I did it and it felt good.  I went to bed later than I would’ve liked for the bulk of the month but I posted and by the end of it there were no post fragments pestering me.

Anyway, I guess what I’m getting as it a commitment.  Not to post every day but four times a week. The trick will be figuring out how to do it without sacrificing sleep because friends, I love me some sleep.

On a completely different topic.  I’m in the market for a high chair.  I’m on my fourth baby and I’ve never had an actual high chair before. True story.  Anyway I don’t want just any high chair.  I want a sweet vintage beauty like this one.  If you see anything like that kicking around for sale and you’d be so kind to pass the information along to me I’ll count myself in your debt.

That is all.


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