First comes love

Enzo has reached a milestone.  

He likes a girl.
She is in his preschool class.
At the Church trunk or treat he went missing.  The Mr was busy judging the chili cook off (poor guy) and I was busy taking Moo to the bathroom 3 times in 30 minutes (every time we got settled ready to start eating our dinner she’d proclaim again that she had to go) After the third bathroom trip I decided I needed to take her home so her tummy could work out it’s troubles in peace.  But where was Enzo?
We looked and looked.  We looked between all the cars, we checked the dark corners, we located  his friends and ascertained that he was not with them. We looked around the two similar parties being held in other portions of the parking lot.  Couldn’t find him.  Zizza sacrificed candy collecting time to help search.  Finally, we thought to check inside the building. I was sure he wouldn’t be there, aside from the bathrooms the whole building was dark and lonely (or so I thought) Lo and behold, there he was in the Gym running around with Miss Cutie Pants.
Since then he’s started mentioning her more and more often.  We walked by her house on the way home from preschool and he suggested we drop in and say hello, you know, since we were in the neighborhood.  He heard her name mentioned at church and immediately sat up straight and scanned the surrounding area until his eyes settled on her.
The best part is, it hasn’t occurred to him to be shy or embarrassed.  We try to tease him.  “Enzo, do you like her?” and he says enthusiastically, “Yeah! she’s my friend!” Sometimes we approach it from a different angle, “Do you think she’s pretty?” This one generally earns a baffled stare as a response.
Last week we received her family Christmas Card.  
A photo Christmas Card.
I gave it to him.  “Hey Dude, look what we got today,” A smile broke across his face when he saw her picture. He admired the card all evening.  At one point he hugged it to his chest and proclaimed “I love this piece of paper!” He asked if I’d hang it on the wall in his bedroom.  We decided instead on a place on the bottom shelf of the hutch.  It’s positioned so he can rest his chin on the shelf and gaze at it.  
I hope he doesn’t grow heart sick missing her over Christmas break. 


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