The morning’s emotions.

Tonight at our church the young women are babysitting.  One needs only drop one’s children off and they will be played with, fed a snack, helped to make a craft of some kind.  Meanwhile the parents are free to buy stocking stuff, go out to dinner or do whatever it is they wish to do for two hours.

This service project is brilliant, perfect, inspired!  For day’s I’ve looked forward to it.  This morning I woke, practically giddy with anticipation.  
Then I realized.
The girl’s Ballet recital is on Friday.  This means practice practice practice every evening until then.  
I was crestfallen, dejected, mournful.  Why? I asked myself. Why did I enroll my children in this time consuming activity? 
Then a glimmer of hope entered into my heart.  Hope that I’d mis-remembered the schedule.  I opened my email, I found the message outlining the weeks rehearsals. SUCCESS! JOY! JUBILATION! Tonight’s practice is from 4-5.  My evening is saved.

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