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Remember how I was all Christmas Music-y early in the holiday season this year? Here’s the sad thing about that. I can’t find any of my Christmas Music.

 It wasn’t too bad at first. When I was listening on the sly before Thanksgiving it didn’t bother me too much just listening to the Christmas Station on the radio. I can’t really relax and listen to that though, because I’m always afraid that shoe song will come on and ruin my day.

 I hate that song with a startling intensity. In so much that I had to stop myself from typing the worn “damn” about five times during the composing of the past two sentences.  Not only is the song pure awful, it’s also catchy so if perchance I wind up listening to it, days pass before I can chase the horror out of my head.

If you don’t know what song I’m talking about count yourself lucky. Don’t go and investigate to see if it really is as bad as I say it is, just trust me and live a blissful life, free and unencumbered. Honestly, it’s a sickness.  I’ve been forced to leave a store before when that song came on because try as I might to endure I couldn’t take another second of it. You don’t need that in your life.

 The other problem with radio Christmas music is commercials. I live a relatively commercial free life. Sure, I see billboards (especially in Utah, what is with Utah and the billboards anyway?) and internet adds but I mostly only listen to Car Talk on the radio and I don’t ever and I mean ever watch live T.V. so willingly subjecting myself to commercials on the radio is a tough burden to bear.

 Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I was able to deal with the radio before Thanksgiving because I knew (or thought) my own favorites were there waiting for me on the other side with a promise that as soon as I’d eaten my Turkey and felt properly thankful I could pull all the Christmas paraphernalia out from under the stairs and there would be my CD’s packed happily in their box and the sun would shine it’s happy face down on everyone and everything even the bugs and the worms THE END (name that book)

 But the CD’s weren’t in any of the Christmas boxes.

They also weren’t in any of the CD cases. Or the cabinet in my sewing room where I’ve got a few others stashed.

 This means that in my car we’re still listening to the radio. The other day the song came on. (shudder) I’d let my guard down so far that I listened past the opening chords almost to the onset of the lyrics before I realized the dire straights I was in and turned it off.

 In the house there’s a Trans Siberian Orchestra CD, and there’s Pandora so things are pretty ok but Zizza does continue to try to turn on the Radio.

 I can’t handle the radio in the house. For one thing, commercials as background with the kids making kid sounds and the dog barking at the tree branches outside and all. For another thing, what if the song came on while I was more than arms length from the off button? Huh? What then?

 The good news is new CD’s are on their way. The Mr, armed with a hard drive full of music and a little help from his good friend Amazon is coming to my rescue, and not a moment too soon.

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