The first presents were tucked under the tree today. Gifts from Enzo to his sisters. I’ve become a full fledged Design Mom disciple when it comes to Christmas gifts. The other day as I was about to tell The Mr. about another of her gift giving practices I meant to institute I felt the need to preface my statement with “No, I wouldn’t jump off a bridge if Design Mom told me to, but…” So I’m helping the kids make gifts for each other Design Mom style. Enzo made leg warmers for his sisters. He picked out a pair of adult sized socks for each one then he chopped off the feet and sat in my lap while I hemmed the remaining tubes. I just folded the raw edge under and zigzagged around. I’ve serged them before hemming in the past but that’s really not necessary. Enz was also kind enough to lend his manly little legs to the effort of photographing our morning’s endeavor to share with all of you.

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