Sort it out

Friends, I have sorted until I can sort no more. Yesterday we did Enzo and Moo’s toys, this morning I did a grand reorganization of the off-size/off-season kids clothes and this afternoon Ziz and I mounted an attack on her unruly toy collection. I told her she had to give one thing away for every thing she kept and she did awesome. There were a few silent tears here and there but she worked through it. After she heard me on the phone telling her auntie how she’d tried to get away with putting a single accessory in the give away pile to balance out a whole play-set in the keepers this went down. Zizza- “I put two things in the giveaway pile” Me- “Cool what were they?” Zizza- “A barbie ballet shoe. The other was was missing anyway so…” Me- “So what? That makes it count as two things? And here I thought that meant it was garbage.” Zizza- (giggles) Me- “Nice try” Most of the toys are pared down pretty well with the exception of the stuffed animals. She saved those until last and then rather than give half of them up she pulled other things from the safety of the keep pile to meet the ransom. Girlfriend is nothing if not loyal to her plush toys. On the flip side, her My Little Ponies are probably feeling a little undervalued.

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