Personalizing O Henry

“When I grow up to be a father I’m gonna go on dates all by myself,” Said Enzo from the back seat of the car the other day.

We’ve been trying to remember what it was he said he was going to do once he reached fatherhood ever since.

Today The Mr asked me in the hearing of Zizza if I’d had any luck remembering. I had not.

Fortunately Zizza’s spry seven year old brain had logged the information and once she knew we wanted it, she was happy to share. Thus we now have the full quote.

I used to have a brain like that. When I took phone messages there was never any need to write more than the phone number. I could then identify that number on sight based on it’s position on the paper and the color it was inked in. I thought creating contacts in my email account was a waste of time, it was so much easier just to type in the address I wanted from memory.

Now in place of my memory I have babies. Babies who do and say things worth keeping forever in the memory I once had. It’s my own Gift of the Magi.

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