Troll the ancient Yule tide carol

I can’t seem to find consistency with my Christmas music appetite. Last year (if you remember) I was given the opportunity to indulge mid-November and turned it down.  This year I’ve been craving it since October and the Mr is at his bah-humbug-est.

Yesterday he claimed that he’s only ever enjoyed Christmas Music on Christmas it’self and even then the word “enjoy” was a bit of a stretch.  I happen to know that this is not true.  I remember specific examples (last year for one) when he has initiated holiday listening independent from me.  He has a collection of festive tunes over which I’ve exerted no influence.  Why would a person who only tolerates the striking of the harp for the benefit of others and joins the chorus out of a mere sense of duty, curate his own Christmas listening library?

Anyway, the point is that the time for Christmas music is here and I’m ready to enjoy it.

Also, I was thinking maybe I should issue a challenge to the Mr.  A challenge that involves writing a Christmas themed music post. What say you, Mr?

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