The pies are baked, the rolls are par-baked, the potatoes are peeled and refrigerated in a water bath (this is just so I don’t have to worry about peeling tomorrow) the yams are diced for baking, spinach ready to go.  The Mr is working on his brine for the turkey and there is Jell-o firming up, so I’d say we’re pretty well on our way.

We’re on our own for Thanksgiving this year.  Before you feel sorry for us hear this.  I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks.  Spend a day cooking and eating with my favorite people? What’s not to love?

We’re thinking of heading out to join in a local 5K in the morning. (we’ll walk this time, thanks)  We’ll go see a movie and then get our chef on.

I love that we get to make everything to our own tastes.  I’m the type who always eats mostly my own food at a pot luck. Not because I don’t appreciate or trust other people’s cooking, but because the act of cooking something myself, making the decisions about techniques and ingredients isn’t really complete until I eat it.  honestly, its as much part of my enjoyment of a meal as the actual eating so if I’m not the one who cooked what I ate I don’t end up enjoying it quite as much.  Make sense?

 I also like to analyze as I eat. Critique this, appreciate that, make note of what I’ll do differently next time.  I’ve been working on not doing this so much when I have company.  I’ve noticed people sometimes think I’m just dissing my cooking skillz and it’s not fun to hang out with someone who’s dissing herself. Tomorrow I’ll get to comment and critique as much as I want without causing any social awkwardness. 

Zizza is a little bummed about not having any cousins to play with but if I really put my mind to it I’m hoping I’ll be able to win her over.

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