The pledge

Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff issued a pledge.  A pledge to complete all Christmas preparations by December fourth so as to have the ability to enjoy the month and the parties and what not.

I took the pledge.  Well, I took a modified pledge. My pledge was to finish the shopping and decorating by the fourth.  The making I’ll enjoy working on as the month progresses, though I probably should set myself some deadlines for that as well so I don’t neglect to do any of it.  
What all of this means is- it is now shopping crunch time.  I’ve got to get serious and make those purchases.  I tend to  browse and browse and browse putting off pulling the trigger until the last minute even on gifts I’m decided on.  I’ve got to put off those years of conditioning and end the browsing!  The time is now!  
Thanks for listening in on my self pep-talk.  I think tomorrow we’ll discuss pies.  I’ve got sweet potato on my baking agenda for the morning.  I love me some sweet potato pie. 


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