I’m at a loss today.  If I worked at it I could drum up a post about the obstacles I encountered as I tried valiantly to prepare for the pie making activity I’m hosting/teaching tomorrow.  But I don’t feel like drumming.  Instead I found this post in my drafts.  I wrote it the evening of June 30th planning to snap a picture when morning came and there was light to work with. 
The picture never happened.  Probably something to do with the five week old baby I had at the time. The post was forgotten until I plucked it from the drafts pile to ransom myself from the predicament of non-inspiration during the month when I’ve pledged daily posts. 

On Wednesday Ziz came down stairs, thrust a small piece of paper into my line of vision and said “This is not a game, it’s for real.”  It said “Cards and Envelopes $1.00”

She painstakingly decorated three envelopes and was ready to take them out to the curb and set up a stationary shop in the drive way. Unfortunately I was unwilling to lend my card table to the enterprise so the driveway-shop portion of her scheme met an untimely end.

Not to worry, she was unfazed by this moved on to arranging up a studio space for herself in the family room such that she could carry on with her designs.

At one point she realized she’d applied the decor on her latest creation upside down. She was a bit dismayed but bucked up when I told her she could just sell that one at a discount rather than scrap it all together.

Today, (Thursday)I had the honor of being her first customer. She offered me the opportunity yesterday but I didn’t scrounge up the necessary change until today. I paid a dollar three for an envelope with a rainbow theme. Some lucky member of my correspondence will receive a missive tucked inside that art piece one of these days.


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