On Friday I bought Enzo new church clothes for the winter. This time I checked to make sure the sleeves of his shirt were long enough before I brought it home. During the past week he’s bee particularly enjoying this story from the Friend magazine about a boy who got a new white shirt like missionaries wear. He was pretty pumped to have a missionary shirt of his own, though he did mention while we were at the store that he’d be needing a suit coat to go with it. I was pretty pumped about his new clothes too. Enz tends to drag his feet a lot on Sunday mornings. He was so thrilled with his new attire I thought surely at least this once he’d wind up dressed with no whining, moaning or flopping dejectedly to the floor on his part, and no exasperation, bellowing or threats on mine. Sunday morning came and I crawled onto his bed and rubbed his back until his eyes fluttered open and awareness entered into them. Then I reminded him of what was hanging in his closet. In response he closed his eyes again and said, “Yeah but I need a coat, like a black one or a brown one…and a tie that stays on.” Darn it, my dreams of his jumping out of bed and happily dressing himself without protest were destined to remain merely dreams. It wasn’t too bad though. There were some minor cases of whining and exasperation but all in all it turned out well. He soothed his longing for a suit coat by donning the navy blue cardigan I bought for him to wear in the family pictures that never happened in October and off we went to church. When meetings were over and I arrived at his classroom to pick him up his teacher prompted me “Ask Enz what he is,” so I did. “Hey Enzo,” I said, “what are you?” and he promptly responded “I’m a-FIX-ticated!” And so you see his new clothes were a success. Even without a coat.


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