In the drink

Tonight in the bath The Dukester sat on his own for a series of nonconsecutive seconds. He thought it was pretty rad. So rad, in fact, that he went ahead and peed in the water.

Once I got that all taken care of and was about to start scrubbin’ me up some beh-beh, he took it upon himself to poo in the fresh bath.

Eventually I did end up with a clean baby (and a newly scrubbed tub,hey hey!) but not before a series of warning bubbles surfaced in the third filling of the tub and I was like “Oh no you don’t!” and soaped and rinsed that child with a speed he’s never before experienced.

Anyhow, what I really want to discuss tonight are nick names. The lame potential nick names that have to be suppressed so as not to cause major embarrassment to both nick-namer and nick-named when that inevitable day comes that the name slips out into public hearing.

I’ve been calling Duke “Little Man” quite a bit for most of his life. Actually, it sounds more like “Littleman” all one word. Anyway it’s morphed a bit. I mostly keep it in check but occasionally a “Littlemansy” pops out. More recently I’ve been been beating down the urge to call him “Mansy-Pansy” He’s going to thank me for that one day.

I haven’t encountered any dumb-bunny nick names for my girls the way I have the boys. That’s probably because I mostly call them both “baby” all the time. I love that they let me. It’s always so sad when a little one grows big enough to protest being called baby. I remember when my niece Nica stopped standing for it. I was a sad auntie.

I think I’m pretty much safe with Zizza now. She knows that being called baby doesn’t make her any less a big girl, and with Ziz answering happily to baby Moo hasn’t found herself too grown up for it either. Enzo does scold when I slip and call him baby but that’s because he thinks it’s a girl name, not because he thinks he’s too big for it. I suppose only time will tell how Mansy-Pansy will respond.

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