We were in Utah last month over Zizza’s fall break. We dedicated a day of our visit to a Tour of the Northern Utah Grandparents. We headed north from Salt lake in the morning. First we visited one of Mr’s grandmas, then mine, then his other grandma and grandpa and finally headed south again.

The weather was perfect that day and at our first stop there were walnut trees outside. Once the kids got fidgety I took them out side to explore while their Pop visited with his Grandma.

Turns out, walnut trees are pretty cool

The kids delighted in hucking the nuts at the sidewalk to break away the fleshy green husks. There was a woman watching us through her window. I thought she was enjoying the sight of frolicking children as elderly persons often do. Then she opened her window and called out “That makes it hard for people to walk, you know!” I was wrong, she wasn’t the type to enjoy the joy of children, she was the type to enjoy worrying and scolding. I assured her that we would clear the sidewalk before we left, and we did. I hope the worry and scolding we inspired enriched her day.

Ziz left the nuts she harvested for the faeries to find.

Later on there was another curiosity to explore.

But once you huck a caterpillar at the pavement the fun is pretty much over…
(nobody really hucked the caterpillar)


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