Here’s a question

When you’ve been reading and you put down your book, do you leave it face down or face up? What do you think that says about you? I’m inventing a new personality analysis quiz and that’s going to be one of the questions. I think it’s very telling.

Not really.

Here’s what this is all about. The other day the Mr started a new book. My first encounter with it was in the bathroom where I found it on top of the toilet tank.

Is that not unsettling? I was so creeped out I had to turn the book over before I could do what I was there to do. Since then I’ve noticed that The Mr consistently puts his book face down. I have to flip it every time I walk by his night stand.

This led me to wonder if I have a pattern in my setting down of books. I would guess that which side I place it on would depend on whether I was closer to the beginning or the end. I may have to start a book just so I can monitor my book placement. I doubt I’d get an honest result though, now that I’m thinking about it.

I’ll bet you’re glad you took the time to come by today. I’m sure this topic has been riveting. Next time we’ll talk about which ear you prefer to hold the phone to, also which shoe do you put on first?


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