Hand me down Halloween

Lucky for me, and for Duke I totally rocked on Enzo’s first Halloween so Duke’s first costume was as simple as a quick search through the Halloween bin.

I have to say, may favorite part of this costume is the hood. Is it the accentuated cheek chub? Is it the way it brings focus to the sweet little face? I don’t know, but I love it.

Duke was not uber thrilled about posing for pictures today so Ziz was kind enough to help him pose thus sparing him the ordeal of being propped up on various surfaces to get the angles I wanted.

Fun fact: If you followed the link to Enzo in the turtle costume you surely noted that he was dead asleep propped against that pumpkin. Well, Duke did the same thing at the Halloween party this year. A friend of mine was snuggling him and he completely zonked out and stayed that way through a few rounds of pass the baby.

I love sleeping turtles.

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