four and five

I’m interrupting the Halloween costume reports to show you Duke’s four and five month photos.

At four months+three days when this photo was taken, no teeth had yet been found in that wee mouth. He had however already insisted that I give him food to eat in spite of my plan to wait on the solids until the last possible moment, thus keeping him tiny.

Also at four months he was too big to lay comfortably in the truck bed, but still too floppy to be propped up to sitting. It was tricky getting him situated to say the least. Just look at his little face; even he was worried about it.

Five months came around(actually almost five and a half by the time I took the photos) and now the prop to sit is no problem.

He’s up to two teeth now (as of Tuesday or so) and he tends to suck in his lips and explore the feeling of his mouth’s new tenants against them.

Another notable change from the past month, his kewpie doll hair-do has nearly disappeared. (sad face)

My attempts to keep him tiny are failing at every turn. The Mr declared him too big for the bassinet and narrowly escaped a pummeling.

Judge me as you will for saying so, but I’ve never enjoyed a baby so much as I’m enjoying this one.

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