For the past two days we’ve been insisting to Zizza that just one more good wiggle will free that tooth from the confines of her head. Then she allows the tooth to be wiggled and tugged and we (her parents) are proved wrong.

I have no idea how it is holding on.
Sometimes we also sneak our fingers into her mouth and give it a quick yank. Still it persists.
She is beginning to mistrust us. (her parents)
I think maybe lose teeth help young girls to prepare for the time when they’ll wait for their babies to be born. You wait and you wait, wiggle the tooth, go for a walk, it will happen. But it doesn’t so you wait and you wiggle and you walk some more.
I’m afraid she’s going to swallow it in her sleep tonight.
Not really.
A few weeks ago, in the pile of crumbs I was sweeping off my floor I found a dog tooth.
True story.
The puppy, he is getting old.
I should really be working on Halloween costumes.
Guess who else is getting old?
I found a tooth in his mouth on Saturday. This tooth is in no danger of falling out anytime soon.
Babies shouldn’t be allowed to sprout teeth without the express written consent of their mothers.
Is four months early to be getting teeth? I don’t remember when anybody else first grew teeth. I do remember that I’ve always been surprised by them. No fussing and swollen gums around here, teeth just appear in the mouths with little to no warning.
Ok, I’m going to see about getting the muslin of Zizza’s kitty cat jump-suit cut before I retire to my bed.
Wish me luck.

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