Three years ago today, I got a phone call

It was Friday. I was leaning against the counter in my kitchen chatting with my sister-in-law who had brought over dinner. (I don’t remember the occasion but I do remember it was delicious sweet pork tacos,and on her way to my house it spilled in her(new) car)

We’d been licensed foster care providers for 9 months but had only had one placement and that only lasted three weeks. Based on this we had decided to let our license lapse when the year was up.
On the phone was our licensing worker. Earlier that day a baby girl had been born and she needed a place to go when she was released from the hospital. I said “We’ll take her,” The worker asked me if I needed to talk it over with my husband. I said there was no need.
When I hung up, I called him and told him we were having a baby.
On Sunday.
And we did.

Happy birthday baby.

(I’ve been ruminating over something and I’d appreciate your thoughts. Do I take her birthday picture the minute she was born as I do with the bio kids, or do I take it at the time we first clapped eyes on her? This year at least, I’ll be going with the second option and taking it at about 3 pm on the 14th because I forgot to look up her birth time before the day came and missed it. Funny how you don’t remember that sort of thing (meaning the birth time) as well when you weren’t the one reveling in the mixture of love and the relief of a baby birthed during the moment in question)

6 Responses to Three years ago today, I got a phone call

  1. I think both moments should be documented each year! That is one of the cool things about joining the family this way! I do agree with the above statement, 'she was always yours!”

    Love you Sweetie!!!

  2. I'm a non-bio kid and I say just pick one, or use both, they're both special moments in her life and yours! She's so dang cute…and 36 years later we still talk about the “phone call” at my house! Happy Birthday!

  3. We still talk about how my parents were in Hawaii when they got the call. The thought of taking my kids photos at their birth time has never occurred to me as they were all born in the middle of the night and I like to sleep 🙂

  4. It depends what time she was born. When she gets a little older, 3pm might be hard to pull off, but if she was born in the middle of the night, you can pretty much always count on that! I also think that both would work well though


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