Know what we’re gonna do today?

I need to get my post on.
I have all these BIG THINGS I feel like I need to post about but BIG THINGS get to be kind of time consuming to write and that makes them sort of intimidating. Plus, champion night sleeper that he is, Duke is a less-than award winning napper so day time writing isn’t really happening. (If you need to hear more excuses just lemmie know. I can come up with some more)

Anyway, I decided to ignore the big things for today.

We’re big Phineas and Ferb fans up in here (I know, I know I just can’t drop the street talk (street talk? I’m so lame) you’re just going to have to bear with me) We watch an average of 1.5 episodes per day. Actually more than that. I’ve let my television viewing regulations slip quite considerably this summer what with it being too crazy hot to send folks outside to play for long and me being busy with a new born and all. I don’t really want to think about an honest average number of episodes per day because that would mean facing the excessive TV dependency going on in the household and I’d rather continue sweeping it under the rug for now if it’s all the same to you. Okay?

So, on Tuesday while Enz was at pre-school, Moo and I found ourselves one on one. First we talked about some shapes and colors because having the older two off at school influenced me to attend to her pre-pre-school education. Then she started up a game for the two of us. “I Phineas,” she said pointing to herself, and then pointing to me, “you Ferb baby Duke-Perry a pla-pus.” It may interest you to know, that Zizza was assigned the role of Isabella. No further assignments were made at the time.

That was Tuesday morning. It is now Sunday Evening. She has been calling me Ferb all week. “Ferb,” she’ll say and wait for my response “yeah Phineas?” then she proceeds with whatever she intended to say to me. For example; “be-bug a my arm.” At some point thereafter she’ll point to her baby brother, mention the word “platypus” and be on her way.

Wednesday afternoon I had to wake her from her nap. She sat up in bed, looked blearily at me and said “Hi, Ferb.”

The other kids have followed her lead and made up their own family castings of the show. Neither of theirs are quite as consistent as Moo’s however. They both name themselves Phineas and revolve through family members to fill other roles…mostly. The other constant is Enzo’s refusal to assign Moo a role in his game.

Guess what else? Ziz made a play-doh penguin.

She brings books home from School and is expected to read them, choose from a list of activities to apply to them, carry out said activity, and then return them to school. She had a book about a penguin last week and thus was born the play-doh penguin.

She wants to make a puppet show based on a book she has now. If I had my way she’d chose “read the book to a sibling” every time as that option involves significantly less effort on my part. Unfortunately, I don’t get to pick.

Is this post getting tedious for anybody else? Mmm-kay. I’ll go ahead and stop then.


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