You wouldn’t guess it from the photo but…

Enz spent over an hour this morning back packed up and ready for his first day of preschool.

Then I sat down to feed the baby and before I knew it we were late. The slightly baffled look he’s sporting above comes from the shock he was working through at the sudden change in my disposition when I realized what time it was and began frantically shooing him toward the door. (with a detour while I snapped the quick photo)

Enzo will be heading to kindergarten next year with just one measly year of pre-school under his belt. I really wanted to organize a Joy School group for him last year but that was about the time that even the essentials became hard to manage and it didn’t happen.
We’re in a Pre-school co-op with friends in the neighborhood. I would have loved to do Joy School again but I was out-voted. I’m excited for what we are doing though, and I’ll probably be using some of the songs and games and things I’ve learned in my four years (2 as a student-2 as a parent) of Joy School experience when it’s my turn to teach so it’s all good.


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