Baby Cookies

One of the things I remember about what it’s like to get a new baby brother are the baby cookies.

I have a foggy memory of visiting a hospital room at the age of four when my first little brother came on the scene. Then there were the daily hospital visits, the NICU, the heart monitors and oxygen tanks when the twins came. But there was another brother between those two events and what I remember about him as a new born is baby cookies.

Baby cookies are the way we kids announced to our friends that we had a baby at our house.

I thought about the baby cookies after I’d had a baby myself and wondered how they came to be? That is to say, how did my mother go about baking hundreds of tiny cut-out cookies with a brand new infant? Further thought gave me the answer. She did it during those last days of waiting. Probably starting the batch with the hope of being soundly interrupted and winding up with one big warm and cuddly baby rather than hundreds of the tiny warm and crispy type.

I didn’t make baby cookies when my first three came along. I thought about it, but I don’t happen to have a 2 inch baby-shaped cookie cutter so what was I to do? This time though, my mama was coming before the baby.

Seeing as how Ziz and Enz both came like clockwork one day after their respective due dates, we decided it was worth the risk and scheduled her visit to commence the day before Duke was due. Ten days later when he was (finally) born his grandma had reluctantly returned home. While she was here though, she and her two inch baby shaped cookie cutter did some good work.

The cookies were made with this recipe via Brown Eyed Baker. The diapers were piped on with white chocolate candy coating.

The resulting babies were delicious.
Even after spending a few days waiting in the freezer for the event they were intended to announce.


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