Popsicle day week 7

This might be our last popsicle day what with school having started and all. I still have one more idea up my sleeve though, so we’ll see.

I happened to have about four lemons languishing on the counter since last time I made lemonade. Fresh squeezed lemonade is one of life’s great pleasures. I sometimes wonder at the fact that I’d never made any until last summer. What a pity…

Well, four lemons don’t amount to much juice wise, and in re-figuring the recipe to suit that bitsy bit of juice I wound up over sugaring it. It was a disappointment for me when I drank the glassful that didn’t make the freezer, but I think the popsicles were better for it. That is to say, the kids liked them better than they would otherwise have done. Ziz said enthusiastically “Hey, these aren’t as spicy as I thought!”

There’s a discussion in it’s self. What counts as “spicy”? The young ones on the premises hereabouts tend to use it to describe any punchy flavor that crosses their tongues. Sour, tangy, vibrant, strong. These words are all lost under the umbrella of “spicy.”

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