First day, first grade. The day was fat with firsts.

Also it was the first time I toted children along with me to the nearest grocery store. The five of us have been to Target a time or two but plain old grocery shopping is, for some reason, harder than Target so that task has been relegated to weekends when the Mr is handy since the Duke made his entrance.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Ziz didn’t stand still for the traditional in front of the house first day of school photo. As soon as she stepped outside she was off like a shot running to meet her carpool.

Want to know the best thing about carpool this year? I don’t have to drive! I’m just giving gas money! Squeee! Yes, that is how glad I am not to be driving to school every day. Glad enough to yell “Squeee!” in the middle of a blog post. Not to mention the three separate instances of exclamation point usage. (excluding the quote) That’s a big deal.

Zizza was not nearly as pooped when she got home from this first day as she was after her previous first day. I attribute this to the combination of previous experience and the fact that we’re in the morning program this year so she gets home at about 1:00 as compared to last years 4:00

Once again, we at home endeavored to fix up something yummy for her to return to. Mini Bagel pizzas and chocolate Rolo cookies. She appreciated the cookies (and why wouldn’t she?) but she told me she thought the pizzas had “not enough sauce and too much cheese,” I am now living in fear of the day when she”ll catch sight of the computer screen as I’m ordering pizza and learn of the option to request either light or heavy sauce and that I always select light. If that happens I’ll never be able to order a pizza without an argument.


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