Popsicle day week 6

Today’s popsicles brought to you by the Bluth family. (Also my memory of loving these the one time my mama made them when I was little)

Chocolate covered frozen bananas. Seriously, so delicious. These are my favorite popsicle without question.

Another great thing? Bananas don’t melt.

Did you know that?
It’s true.

Without dribbly melting messes to consider, we were all able to eat our frozen deliciousness in the comfort of the house.

That meant no repetitive opening and closing (read not closing) of the back door.


2 Responses to Popsicle day week 6

  1. Love the banana stand throwback. I cannot tell you how many times my husband has said we need to open a banana stand down here. I'm sure he's right – it would be wildly successful – those look delicious. And refreshing. And fun.


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