A history

Today I plan to show you how my perm turned out. But first, I will take you on a walking tour of every perm my hair has seen.

That makes it sound like a lot huh? Really the current perm is only the third in my life which is a respectably low number when you consider the time period in which I grew up. Anyway, such things aside onward and upward we go- To the Perms!
I wished and wished and waited and waited to get my first perm. My sister, went to cosmetology school during my latter elementary school years and she laid down the law that perms were not to be administered until 12 years of age lest the chemicals inflict permanent damage on the young follicles of the head in question.

Finally I reached the appointed age and a few weeks before starting my junior high school career my hair met it’s first chemical treatment. Here is photographic evidence of it all in the form of my seventh grade student ID card.

This was a “railroad wrap” on purple and blue perm rods. Oh, oops I lied a little bit. I guess I’ve technically had four perms. Eventually after five or so inches of re-growth my sister straightened the remaining curls applying solution to my free flowing locks and combing it all straight as the perm processed.

Good times.

Perm number two!

I was a junior in high school and my hair had been colored exhaustively when once more I heard the siren song of wash and wear curls. Thanks to the color gamut my hair and I had run that perm was a flop. I didn’t even attempt to wear it in it’s pure form until months later when I discovered, partly on accident, that the weak perm in the ends of my hair+the natural curl in the regrowth+ strategically placed curling iron curls would equal the following.

That photo was taken on my seventeenth birthday.
This brings us round to the present day. Perm number three (or four depending on how you look at it) Here is a phone photo of the very same featuring my sweet lump of a baby.

There you have it, a start to finish full disclosure account of every perm I’ve ever worn.

Riveting, no?

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