One of the things that was hard about the pregnancy I’ve just completed (And it was hands down the hardest of the three) was that it seemed to rob me of my sartorial identity.

If you recall, I had trouble finding maternity clothes to suit me. I never did end up buying any more than the two tops I mentioned in that other post. I did however receive a big bag of pass around clothes and I patched together something of a wardrobe with the few things from the bag that fit me. Then eventually I outgrew all of that, found a tent of a dress at Old Navy and wore it every time I left the house for the last four weeks. (oh right nine extra days made it more like five and a half weeks) When I was at home I wore the Mr’s old T-shirts and gym shorts. It was a very glamorous time for me.
In addition to the awesome wardrobe, my hair has been in that frustrating stage of growing out from over the ears short to jaw-length short. Also, my makeup supply got dangerously low and instead of getting more, I rationed it to the point where I only wore any at all on Sundays and even then it was sparse.
I didn’t recognize myself when it happened that I accidentally looked in the mirror. Who was that drab girl in the grossly over-sized t-shirt with the bare face and bed head? (Because taming the bed head was (is) practically impossible)
So for the past weeks I’ve been taking steps to reassert my personal style.
I replenished my make-up supply on Saturday. I’ve still got to get into the habit of wearing it though.
I sort of thought all I’d need to do would be to go out and buy clothes that fit. I did a little of that and it sort of helped but finding clothes that answer to all I require of them still proves difficult. I’ll probably start fitting into my existing wardrobe (currently packed up in a giant suitcase) before I manage to suitably outfit myself with what I can find in stores, or take the time to sew for myself.
This brings me to hair. For the past 3-4 hair cuts I’ve thought “This is it. This is the hair cut that will end the growing out phase and establish me firmly in the realm of the ‘bob.” And then after a week it’s grown enough to prove that the oddity at the nape of my neck, (the result of an over grown short cut) has returned and I’m counting the days until I can get back into that chair and have things re-trimmed to await more growth, and hopefully, liberation from this awkward stage.
Well, today’s the day. I’m sure this time. This is the haircut that will end the cycle! And as if that weren’t enough I’m also doing something drastic.
Drastic things tend to happen with hair after Babies. After Ziz it was bangs (Ok, bangs are not all that drastic) After Enzo I chopped it from to the waist- length to spiky girl. Apparently the need for hair change is hormonal because it didn’t happen with Moo. This time, today, I’m getting a perm.
You heard me.
For the past few years I’ve been reading about the re-birth of the perm. How current chemical technology has enabled perms to produce softer, prettier curls. Curls that need not vacillate between tight and crisp with product and sister to the crisp look: huge with frizz. So I decided to give it a go and I made the appointment.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

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