Happy fourth

We had a festive breakfast. The Mr made it. He’s always counted Independence Day as his favorite holiday. That might be why he chose it for the date on which to solicit my hand in marriage. Yes, today is the tenth anniversary of our engagement to be wed.

Today was also the date of The Duke’s first full fledged responsive smile. I didn’t happen to have the camera out at the time but you can look at this photo and then imagine a smile on that bitty-boy face to get an idea of what it was like.

Earlier in the day, he showed his patriotism through diaper choice. I guess it was actually me who chose the diaper (with much encouragement from Zizza) but he’s the one who wore it so I think that means he gets the points. Not that you can really see the diap in this photo, but it’s the cutest from the batch so it’s the one I’m going with.

Today was our third day in cloth, so far so good. More on that later.
Over and out

3 Responses to Happy fourth

  1. Hey, so… I was all gung-ho on the thought of cloth diapers for future babes (i grew up on them, and yeah, it seems like an obvious choice for saving money, your carbon foot-print, etc) but then someone told me that the savings that you think you save in not purchasing disposable you end up paying in extra utility bills since you are washing WAY more than before. So, I am just curious what your thoughts are on that. I had never considered that, and now it might be swaying my vote.

  2. Really? you were gung-ho on cloth based on child hood memories? My childhood memories of diapering directed me to buy disposables without giving anything else a second thought. I didn't even consider my carbon foot print until I saw how cute modern day cloth diapers are.
    As for laundry, I plan on washing every other day(I have to do a load every day right now because I don;t have enough diapers to make it through 2) I do 1-2 loads every morning already so one extra load every other day doesn't seem like that big a deal to me.

  3. We do roughly 3 loads per week (usually we wash every 3rd day) and in the seven months we've been cloth diapering our water bill has gone up $2 per month (from 25 to 27 bucks) and we don't even have a front loader/HE machine! It is TOTALLY worth making the switch!


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