Popsicle day week 2

This week we made instant pudding and went for a fancy layered effect as we spooned it into our molds.

We also used the square popsicle molds which make for a more attractively shaped, yet harder to consume pop.

The pudding pops turned out to be delightful (why wouldn’t they?) but we did find a hole in my back yard+bib=minimal mess equation.

If you fling your bib over one shoulder and then lounge in a reclining chair while you lick and slurp, you can run into messy trouble even in spite of precautions taken by your mother.

To add to the fun, maybe your sister could comb your hair that day, wrangling it into the semblance of a ponytail without coming through the curly tangles first. Then, as the melty pudding slips down the side of your face and into the crease of your neck on it’s way to pool in your armpit, it can have the pleasure of saturating your failling, matted ponytail along the way.

Good times.

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