Popsicle day

It all started with this post from Simple Analogy. “A different Popsicle for every week of summer?” I thought, “how delightful!” So I adopted the practice.

We make the pops on Thursdays and eat the sicles Fridays. Today is our second Popsicle day of the season.
Last week we filled the the molds half way with orange cream flavored yogurt. Once that froze, we topped them off with orange juice.
From what I hear, they were good. The Yogurt cup only half filled four molds which equals four popsicles (see, I can do math) so I forwent the pleasure of having a popsicle myself that time.
This week Strawberries were on sale so naturally, we made peach-pops.
Ok fine, you got me. We had strawberry-lime today.

Ziz and Enz both helped lob the tops off the berries. Moo wasn’t much interested in that, she busied herself with the bowl of grapes she discovered on the kitchen table.

I don’t have photos of the rest of the process because the lighting in my kitchen is equivalent to that of a cave, but here’s how it went down.

After the kids cut the leaves off a pound of strawberries we piled them in the blender with 2 tablespoons of sugar and the zest and juice of one lime then we blended it all to smithereens, poured it in the molds and froze it. Then today…

Now, I have to mention that I have some house rules about Popsicle consumption. Namely, all who wish to partake must do so outside while wearing a bib.

NO exceptions!

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