Maybe I should write a screenplay?

I had a dream this morning. It was one of those times when I’m watching the dream like a movie rather than actively taking part. This dream starred Tina Fey.

It was a classic Tina set up. She is a career woman looking for love/deeper human meaning in her life with ill success. Finally she gives up hope and delves deeper into her corporate sphere.
Then, in a surprise turn of events she finds herself in a burgeoning relationship with a man as close to perfect as legally possible. The only problem is; the deeper delve into the corporate sphere I mentioned earlier is kind of a big deal. We’re talking moving to space to take a job as a space food critic, BIG DEAL.
Now, you’d think that with such a job taking this critical role in the plot that the movie would be set in some future time when a healthy percentage of the human population has moved off planet thus creating a demand for food critics in space. You’d be wrong. The film was set in the now.
I tried to remember after I woke up, exactly where in space she was moving but it was one of those details that the conscious brain is just not capable of holding on to. She was headed either on the Moon, or a nearby space station. Sadly, in one of those dreamland twists of logic, the trip required faster than light travel such that the decision to take the job would mean an end to all her relationships on earth. I know I know, that doesn’t sync with the time period I stated, but this was a dream remember? and dreams aren’t supposed to make sense.
Like any Tina Fey character, this woman had a great relationship with food. Apparently this space food she was going to review was mind blowing, life altering, ground shakingly delicious and not available anywhere on Earth. As I woke up she was telling her handsome verging on perfect prospective boyfriend that he was the personification of her dreams. Had she not met him, she never would have believed such a man could exist in the real world and she could see them making it through the long haul. However, this food waiting for her in space was purported to be really really good. Better even than a full and happy life, so she had decided to go to space, eat the food and live out her days in a pale grey room wearing a pale grey jumpsuit.
If this were a real movie I have to assume that at the last minute she would change her mind and tear out of the launch area even as the count down sounded and (clad in a space suit) rush into the waiting arms of the male lead. But this wasn’t a movie. It was a wacko dream. So she went to space.
The End

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