Did you know I birthed the Duke at home?

I did.
In my dining room.
Hippie, remember?
I’d been planning on a home birth since my last hospital experience. Actually since before my last hospital experience. I looked into it while I was brewing Enzo but I started too late. I was already 6-7 months along and finding a midwife and etc was too much to think about at that point. I promised myself then that I’d stay home for the next one. And I did.
I had a lot of good, solid, reasons for birthing at home. Most of them came as natural extensions of the birthing philosophies and practices I already believed and abided by. I’m not going to discuss any of them today.
Some of the things I most looked forward to in my birth experience turned out to be superficial things I had never thought of until I was in the middle of preparing for the event.
My midwife gave me a list of things to prepare, extra sheets, (plastic) towels, and a lot of other predictable type stuff. Then there were the two things I became happily fixated on. One-Something for the baby to wear and two- something good to eat once the baby comes. Food and clothes, some of my favorite things. Is it any wonder I became fixated?
The first time I read the list I was amazed. “I get to chose the first thing my baby ever wears?” How had I never thought of this before? Why had it never bothered me that I hadn’t had say in the matter with my previous children? Thus I set to work planning.
I decided the hospital folks were on the right track with the kimono style shirts they provide for new babies. No pulling over the head+ free floating over the cord stump =good stuff.
After sifting through baby kimono patterns online for way too long, I found the shirt that was Enzo’s first worn article. I based my pattern on that, then I moved along to pants. Again I referenced a pair I had on hand. The newborn pants I had were a bit squat in the leg and generous in the rise so I lengthened and shortened accordingly, scooping the front waist band to accommodate the needs of a brand new belly. Then I added a Tie Top Beanie and the ensemble was complete.
So, here you see it. On the baby:

and off the baby:

But what of my other fixation? After a bit of thought the food was easy. Something equal parts hearty and deliciously tempting? Well how about Tasty Kitchen’s Breakfast Pizza? Yes, that’ll do it.

Lucky for me The Mr is handy in the kitchen. His knowing how to cook together with my preparation (crust par-cooked and frozen, toppings prepped and waiting in the fridge) meant that my meal request was completely do-able and so-so-so much better than blucky hospital food.

Those my friends are the details of the superficial side of my latest childbirth experience.
I feel inclined to add that the list also mentioned having something ready for mama to wear after the baby arrived. I was able to skim over that part this time as I designed and made my ideal of a postpartum gown in preparation for Enzo’s arrival. No way was I going to wear an awful hospital gown again, not my idea of comfy.

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