As it turns out…

I am not actually pregnant. I am just a gimpy woman with an unconventional figure.

The part about being 6cm dilated and 95% effaced I can’t quite explain but at this point I’m quite sure it’s hokum.

5 Responses to As it turns out…

  1. Oh my. I guess you could not be pregnant at all. There are those women who don't realize they're pregnant until the baby comes…. I'm not sure if it works the other way, though.

    Here's to hoping (and praying!) that baby comes soon!

  2. Maybe I should bring dinner over before the baby comes. Sounds like you could use a break! I've been told that a nice foot massage will do the trick ;). How about a pedicure tonight!

  3. Well, I mean really, that's probably kind of a relief, right? Cuz I've heard that newborns are a lot of work, so you've really dodged a bullet here.


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