April the 24th 2011

Sunday was Easter here just like it was every place else. We played it super low key this year. It was nice.
The fact that Enz is long torso-ed and long armed was realized/reinforced in my brain when he donned his new shirt and it’s poor fit was discovered. It’s just fine through the neck and shoulders but in over all and sleeve length, it falls short. I guess I should have had him try it on before that morning.

Somebody had a lady bug on her arm. Then she ate it.

I always thought using food coloring for eggs must be really difficult, or ineffective or something. Otherwise why does everybody use the color tablets? Turns out food coloring is just as easy and more effective than the tablets. Who knew? (she did)

One egg stood out above the rest. This look was achieved when a small boy came to the end of his egg allotment and found that he could prolong his egg dying experience by dipping and re-dipping his remaining egg repeatedly in each of the six dye baths and then dropping the fruit of his labors as he deposited it in the drying area.
The spiderweb effect wasn’t visible until the next morning. He was so proud to realize the webbed egg was his.

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